Ideal for producing ductile, quality functional parts

Produce strong, ductile, functional parts

  • Thermoplastic material delivering optimal mechanical properties
  • Excellent chemical resistance and enhanced elongation at break
  • Impact resistance and ductility for prostheses, insoles, sports goods, snapfits, living hinges, and more
  • Biocompatibility—meets USP Class I-VI and US FDA guidance for IntactSkin Surface Devices

Minimize waste with a renewable raw material

  • Renewable raw material from vegetable castor oil reduces environmental impact
  • Minimize waste—reuse surplus powder batch after batch and get functional parts
  • Get consistent performance while achieving up to 70% surplus powder reusability
  • Optimize cost and part quality—cost-efficient material with industry leading surplus powder reusability

Engineered for HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology

  • Designed for production of functional and final parts across a variety of industries
  • Provides the best balance between performance and reusability
  • Easy-to-process material enables high productivity and less waste
  • Engineered to reliably produce final parts and functional prototypes with fine detail and dimensional accuracy

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Every patient has a distinctive foot, build, and lifestyle which require complete customization of their orthotics. Traditional manufacturing methods made customization a longer and less efficient process. 3D printing allows for an entirely digital process printed on demand with the patient having a custom insole delivered within 48 hours. It is now achievable, through 3D printing with the correct material, that both podiatrists and end users will be more satisfied with the final product. Click here to learn more