When it comes to hospital devices, the last thing you want to worry about is faulty devices and parts. At ABCorp, we’ve worked extensively with medical partners on prostheses, medical tools, and 3D models of parts of the human body when a digital image can’t relay the message. Read on below to learn about a couple of the areas we’ve provided unique solutions to over the years.

Patient-Specific Orthoses

We can create fully customized braces and orthotics suited for every uinque individual’s needs. These pieces have a professional durable quality and are market-ready solutions for O&P that are made with Nylon PA11, BASF Ultrasint01 TPU, and Nylon PA12.

Medical Devices

Allow us to aid in modification, prototyping and complete customization of medical tools such as eyewear, hearing aids and surgical instruments. If you’re looking to cut costs to help you become more effective and efficient; or just looking to customize and diversify your manufacturing options, this is a great solution.

Medical Models

Medical 3D models enable you to get hands-on with your structure that gives you a perspective that could not be achieved through images on a screen. Some example prints we have made are:

  • Small molecules
  • Proteins
  • Macromolecules and viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Cells
  • Tissues
  • Organisms

Case Study

Every patient has a distinctive foot, build, and lifestyle which require complete customization of their orthotics. Traditional manufacturing methods made customization a longer and less efficient process. 3D printing allows for an entirely digital process printed on demand with the patient having a custom insole delivered within 48 hours. It is now achievable, through 3D printing with the correct material, that both podiatrists and end users will be more satisfied with the final product.