We can create fully customized prostheses suited for every individual’s needs. These pieces have a professional durable quality and are market-ready solutions that are made with Nylon PA11, BASF Ultrasint01 TPU, and Nylon PA12.

Robotic Prosthetics

Develop custom 3D printed robotic limbs designed for a perfect fit and ergonomic design. Choose from a variety of materials and feels to produce any kind of prosthetic, including the following:

  • Human prosthetics
  • Animal prosthetics
  • Robotic attachments and parts

Case Study

Unlimited Tomorrow recently partnered with ABCorp, a 3D printing service bureau, choosing them to additively manufacture components for the TrueLimb® robotic prosthetic. ABCorp operates a fleet of HP Jet Fusion 5210 3D printers and utilizes them to provide Unlimited Tomorrow with more consistent parts, faster and less expensively—enabling them to scale and ultimately fulfill their global mission of augmenting the human body with better technology.