About Us

ABCorp is a provider of essential critical goods and services for authentication, payment, and secure access. Customers span federal, state, and local government, agencies, and companies across the commercial, financial, healthcare, and transit sectors. ABCorp’s history dates back more than 225 years to 1795. The company started out as secure printers – designing & producing better, more counterfeit-resistant currency for the First Bank of the United States. Our products & services have changed, but secure envelops everything we do. Today, ABCorp offers a wide variety of products and services.

We design, manufacture, and personalize contactless credit & debit cards; offer instant issuance programs for ID and payment card (physical & virtual); 3D print highly detailed prototypes & parts; provide digital solutions for authentication, payment, and customer engagement;and use digital content to elevate the customer experience. Countless government agencies and world-class companies rely on ABCorp to better engage with their constituents and customers in a secure manner, evolving to higher levels of security, trust, and utility.