ABCorp 3D is a valued contract additive manufacturing partner. The knowledge and experience of the ABCorp 3D operations team, coupled with the support of its management team, has been instrumental in our product strategy to not only provide the best multisport headgear on the market, but to also be able to manufacture it at scale.

The best way to describe our relationship with ABCorp 3D is first and foremost, they want us to succeed. This mindset has created a solutions-oriented partnership which has influenced product design, pricing strategies, production processes, technology investments, and cost-saving measures.

Additive manufacturing is an ongoing iterative process that requires a high degree of patience, engineering, and technical knowledge. It isn’t as simple as just flicking a switch. When done wrong, additive manufacturing can be a nightmare. But done correctly, additive manufacturing can provide superlative results that can allow your company to quickly scale while simultaneously improving the product and introducing different product variations. However, to accomplish this an expert additive manufacturing partner is essential. It has been our experience that ABCorp 3D is that partner. They have been committed to our success as a client, which translates to their success as an additive manufacturer.

Mario R. Mercado, Jr.