Secure Since 1795

For over 225 years, ABCorp has been committed to providing the most secure and compliant environment possible. Over the centuries, we have earned the respect of our partners and customers by adapting to every new technology and necessary compliance to deliver the unique solutions we provide without compromise. Security is the backbone of ABCorp, and it is the foundation from which everything is built within our environments. As a company, we take a multifaceted approach to security, and our systems and practices are compliant with relevant industry standards and reflect our ongoing commitment to both security and privacy.

Each and every employee who steps foot on our premises understands that our customers are reliant on us to protect their sensitive data on a daily basis, and we strive for nothing less than perfection. Vigorous training, leadership oversite, and the implementation of best practices ensures that our facilities are kept to the standard necessary to keep partners information and data safe. While the inner workings of our business are constantly changing and the threat landscape surrounding us continues evolving, our core focus of security for confidential information has stayed true, earning us the longevity and storied history we’ve had as a company.

Throughout the past 225+ years, ABCorp has provided essential goods and services to world-class companies and federal, state, and local government agencies in more than 120 countries. Below, we detail a few of the ways we operate, enforce, and regulate our security standards that make us the go-to choice for secure printing.

The Umbrella Approach

The priority for ABCorp is to ensure that data is secure based on the assessment of risks, not merely following requirements for the sake of compliance. As such, ABCorp takes an umbrella approach, following a variety of standards and best practices from industry sectors, government regulations, and in-house standards.

Most operational sites within ABCorp carry financial security accreditations which are certified by Visa and Mastercard and, on a regional basis, by other appropriate schemes. But while ABCorp puts a lot of emphasis on security for financial cardholder data, we partner with a variety of other customers who have equally, and sometimes even more, sensitive data. To comply, ABCorp also uses ISO 27001/27002:2013 as a framework for our information security. This allows us to take a global view and ensures that our security posture is aligned with a wider best practice rather than solely on an individual’s project security requirements.

Risk Management

When assessing risks, ABCorp cannot consider individual customer’s risks in isolation. Our assessment takes into account any action that may have implications for other customers or impact the security of our environment as a whole. As such, ABCorp risk management policies and procedures are based on ISO 31000:2018, and capture risk through a variety of processes, including the following:

  1. Annual Assessment
  2. Project risk logs
  3. Change Control
  4. Non-Conformance Reports
  5. Business Continuity Tests
  6. Penetration Testing
  7. Incident Response & Testing

Data Security

When handling and hosting customer data, each ABCorp site operates a discrete environment with all data relevant to a project separate from the rest. There is no access to the customer data environment (CDE) either externally or from other ABCorp networks, and all reasonable and appropriate measures to protect data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction are followed for each customer. Retrieval of inbound files from the DMZ must be initiated from within the CDE, where only known and expected files are retrieved. End-of-life data is securely sanitized using NIST 800-88 protocols.

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