3D Printing: All About Finishes

When it comes to 3D printing, the technology itself is undeniably impressive. It allows us to transform digital designs into tangible objects with the highest levels of precision.

At ABCorp 3D, we provide the latest generation of HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printing technology to create simple prototypes and complex multi-color 3D objects while continuing to serve a multitude of industries. Whether it’s aerospace, automotive, or prosthetics, no other company has more experience than ABCorp 3D.

In addition to utilizing cutting-edge MJF technology, ABCorp 3D has the core understanding that a product is not complete without proper finishing. A quality finish on a newly printed 3D product can provide it with the following:

  • Enhanced durability, malleability, and load characteristics;
  • Functional improvements, such as those to reduce friction, improve grip, be resistant against water, heat, corrosion, etc.;
  • Customization to fit a specific aesthetic, cosmetic quality, or brand; and 
  • Antimicrobial properties to seal the parts against bacteria, and more.

Whether it’s for aesthetic, durability, or hygienic purposes, the right finish can elevate a product from a prototype to a polished, functional, and aesthetically pleasing piece. At ABCorp 3D, we offer a range of finishes that allow our current and prospective clients the opportunity to get more out of their 3D printed product.

Our Selection of Finishes

All of our 3D printing finishes come in standard PA12, TPU, and PA12CB materials.

Standard MJF Finish

ABCorp 3D offers a Standard MJF Finish in a classic HP grey. While the color may be “standard,” it makes an ideal choice for any internal and non-cosmetic parts where aesthetics and color schemes are not a priority.

What’s not-so-standard about this finishing agent is that the powder used in MJF products is significantly more recyclable than other materials. With up to 80% of the powder often being reused, it means that any non-fused powder can be recycled. Not only does this ultimately lower production costs, but when coupled with its accelerated build speed, the Standard MJF finish is cost-effective and great for fast turnarounds, significantly reducing production lead times and, at least in the medical field, allowing for a quicker response to patient needs.

Dyed Black

The color black, whether it be in the form of an empowering pantsuit, a brand new sports car, or cutting-edge 3D printed devices, often lends an air of sophistication, elegance, and sleekness to whatever the medium may be. Our dyed black finish gives our products a more polished and reformed look and provides the products with a much smoother surface than undyed finishes. Regardless of whether or not the point is to impress, black dye is crisp, it’s sharp, it’s classic!

AMT Smoothed

AMT vapor smoothing is a finishing process that applies a chemical vapor finish to a 3D printed product’s surface. The vapor smoothes over any bumps or ridges from the printing process and greatly reduces the surface’s porosity while also lowering its chances of cracking, providing a smoother, more consistent surface as opposed to unfinished products. 

Additionally, the AMT vapor smoothing finish is antimicrobial, meaning it kills microorganisms and stops their growth — a great feature when designing medical equipment and prostheses. The vapor completely seals its parts to prevent water absorption, bacteria buildup, and makes it easier to clean. Combined with other additional surface treatments, AMT vapor smoothing finish can be dyed with sharp and vibrant colors, providing the opportunity for a fun aesthetic and distinct look.

AMT Smoothed with Black Dye

AMT vapor smoothing finish with black dye has all of the same properties as the standard AMT finish: improved surface quality, water and airtight surface, and is antimicrobial. The only difference? This finish is combined with black dye, offering creators a sleeker, sharper, and more polished look to their products.


The importance of having a quality finish on a 3D printed product cannot be overstated. Whether it’s a first-draft prototype, a thoroughly developed functional part, or a life-changing prosthetic, a well-chosen finish enhances the appearance, durability, and functionality of the printed product. 

It really does come down to that final step of elevating your 3D printed object from a mere concept to a tangible masterpiece, ready to fulfill its intention to be reliable yet stylish.